Easy Sign Up plugin for WordPress Update 3.4

I just uploaded version 3.4. of the Easy Sign Up plugin for WordPress

Easy Sign Up plugin’s new version adds a minor iteration to the plugin that I think, and I hope you agree, makes Easy Sign Up just that little bit better.

The change to the plugin is based off a user’s question posted at the Easy Sign Up forum

The poster wanted to know why Easy Sign Up’s autoresponder supported embedding the form user’s full name and not the first name.

To be honest I didn’t have a good reason why so instead of answering the question I built in this functionality.

There are now three tags you can utilize for your autoresponder:#firstname# #lastname# and #fullname#

Going forwards all new installs of the Easy Sign Up plugin will default to the #firstname# tag

Easy Sign Up plugin for WordPress
Easy Sign Up plugin’s Autoresponder

I would like to encourage any of my free WordPress plugin users to request changes at the relevant forums on WordPress.org.

I can’t promise that every feature request will get added into the plugins. I do promise to take a good look at your suggestions if they make sense and don’t require a rewrite 😉


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