Easy Sign Up plugin Version 3

The Theme for the Version 3 Easy Sign Up Plugin Update is Back to WordPress.

easy-sign-up-v3The Code has been rewritten and optimized to use native WordPress functions where available. For instance the form processing is now handled within WordPress’s scope and is no longer an external call to a file within the plugin’s directory but not instantiated by WordPress. Watch the using the easy sign up plugin for WordPress video.
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Easy Extras Plugins

The Easy Extras have been taken out of the scope of the Easy Sign Up plugin. They are now true plugins. They are loaded and automatically updated using WordPress’s own plugin system. This will make installation and updating easy as pie (the yummy kind).

New Developer Hooks

New developer hooks that have been added into the Easy Sign Up plugin core files. These allow for expansion and integration into WordPress themes and other plugins.

New Features for Website Owners

easy-sign-up-widgetFor the everyday user there are a lot of new features to be happy about too!

The default form has been revamped with the addition of optional First Name, Last Names and Phone Number fields.
Forms can be given a label to help you organize the information you collect from them.
These can be enabled using the new shortcode at attributes Or by choosing these options in the Easy Sign Up Widget.

There is a slight new look to the form, but as in the past most of the form’s look and feel is pulled directly from your theme’s cascading style sheet (styles.css).
The JavaScript validation code has been rewritten and has a new look too.

New Admin Features

Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam. It keeps your site protected from spam even while you sleep. Akismet Plugin

In the admin area there are changes to that you’re going to love.

  • Spam Control System utilizing WordPress’s Akismet plugin.
  • HTML Auto-Responder, you’re clients are going to dig your cool branding synergy!
  • WYSIWYG editor has been integrated into the Easy Sign Up options page to style your Auto-Responder.
  • Easy Sign Up will now clean up after itself when you disable it.
    • If you are only temporally disabling the plugin just make sure that the “Delete Settings” options is unselected. It is by default.
  • You’ll never have to remember the shortcode again as there is now a insert shortcode button for the Easy Sign Up plugin on your Posts and Pages editor.
image of the editor bar

Shortcode button for the Easy Sign Up plugin

Using the Easy Sign Up plugin for WordPress

Read the transcript for the Using the Easy Sign Up plugin for WordPress video

Pages before Posts

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Easy Sign Up plugin Version 3

Easy Sign Up Plugin version 3 The plug-in generates a customizable thank you email that's sent to the visitor and the visitor's email and name are sent to an email address of your choosing. Possible use is collecting email address for a newsletter, or leads for your sales force before redirecting to a brochure.

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Easy Heads Up Bar

Easy Sign Up Plugin version 3 This plugin adds an easy to use notification bar to the top of your WordPress website with a linked call to action.

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