Easy Styles Extra for Easy Sign Up Plugin V3

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New Options Layout!


WordPress’s native color picker – no code bloat!

There are HUGE changes to the Easy Sign Up Styles Extra. The main change is that it is not installed via the Easy Sign Up plugin. It is now a stand alone plugin that is installed using WordPress’s own plugin system. This will make installation and updating easy as pie (the yummy kind).

The Easy Styles Plugin still has layout, translation and color options, along with a custom CSS editor to allow you even more control over the way your Easy Style form looks. You can disable all CSS applied to the form and its error message pop up bar if you would like to code your own layout to the Easy Sign Up form.

If you have Easy Styles plugin installed you’ll notice that the WYSIWYG editor for your HTML auto-responder has a full feature set, including the add/upload media button:


Another update that is really cool is the auto update feature. If you have our plugin installed we’ll notify you via WordPress’s update system when there is an update. This means we can improve on the features and crush any bugs! You’ll be able to use WordPress’s one click update system to get the latest and greatest update to the Easy Styles plugin.



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