Easy Data Extra for Easy Sign Up Plugin V3

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Easy Data Extra version two has been worth the wait. The main change is that it is not installed via the Easy Sign Up plugin. It is now a stand alone plugin that is installed using WordPress’s own plugin system. This will make installation and updating easy as pie (the yummy kind).

The old code was scrapped burned!

esu-db-export-dataThe new code takes full advantage of the WordPress Table Class. This means that it looks and acts like any other data table in your WordPress admin screen.

Bulk Actions and row pagination are now available to you.

Easy Sign Up Data Extra Stats

The Excel Spreadsheet has been replaced by two new export options. Both of which will work great in any spreadsheet application. Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Docs etc.

Easy Sign Up Data Extra not only provides you with the sign up data but it also shows you where folks came from, what operating system, browser.
Another great feature is the option to save your exported spread sheet into your media library.

This option can be turned on or off in the Easy Sign Up Options page. After you install the plugin you’ll see a new option added to the Easy Sign Up Options page.


Another update that is really cool is the auto update feature. If you have our plugin installed we’ll notify you via WordPress’s update system when there is an update. This means we can improve on the features and crush any bugs! You’ll be able to use WordPress’s one click update system to get the latest and greatest update to the Easy Data plugin.



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